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At Cacho’s Surf School we take pride in sharing the passion and respect for nature and water surrounding us to provide the best Costa Rican vacation experience with our local expertise.


Cacho’s Surf School is a casual small surf school located right on the beach of Playa Guiones, in Nosara, Costa Rica. A few years back Cacho, a local tico, worked in a surf shop called Coconut Harry’s where he taught its clients with dedication and diligence and realized his passion for sharing his knowledge of catching the waves, nature and providing a memorable experience for Nosara visitors.

Upon this realization, he took an important decision to go beyond what he was already doing and opened his own surfing school. Cacho’s Surf School rapidly gained popularity among both locals and tourists. While many other local surfing schools only operate during the high season, Cacho’s Surf School is one of the few surfing schools that runs year-around.

Cacho’s surfing staff consists of professional Costa Rican surfers who have extensive experience in ocean safety and surfing in the local surf breaks. Cacho’s Surfing School provides instruction for beginners as well as advanced surfing. Cacho’s is also very accommodating for families and kids.

The classes are held on the basis of student’s skills. Beginners, extremely nervous at first, will be gleefully practicing the basic stuff in the ocean by the end of the day.

Since the opening of the successful surf school in Nosara, Cacho added other amazing experiences becoming one of the first pioneers in Stand Up Paddle tours in town, a business so prosperous he sold it in 2016 and replaced, in the beginning of 2017, by its Kayaking Adventures with a wide range of quality tours in the river, ocean and once again pioneering in kayak fishing in Costa Rica.

To keep providing and sharing its knowledge of tour experiences in Nosara, Cacho’s Surf School partners with other operators in town and help you choose and book the best tours according to your interests, age and group.

Cacho’s Surf School uses only top performance gear in the industry, giving it a lot of thought and planing for a ultimate memorable and safe Costa Rican adventure.

Have fun and get to experience the Costa Rican culture with Cacho’s Surfing School.

Pura Vida!

What People Are Saying About Cacho’s Surfing School

“Best boards & activity center in Nosara.”

I’ve been to Nosara a few times and Cacho’s shop is my go to place for performance boards and excursions. Always helpful and friendly, they will have you set up if you’re a beginner or pro. No need to lug your boards around the airports, Cacho’s got you covered.
Jules S
Vancover, Canada

“Cacho Surfing Dudes Rock!”

My son and hubby wanted to surf and went to Cacho’s to inquire – they met up with Cacho’s staff who are super friendly and passionate about surfing. After a 90 minute lesson and rental of surf boards, the two of them were in heaven. Very friendly service and helpful people. Board rentals were inexpensive and hours were great. Thank you!
New York City, New York

“I can’t wait to go back to Nosara and do business with “Cacho’s”

We visited Nosara with 9 people who wanted to SUP. we even had a dog with us. Andre was professional, helpful and friendly. He was very serious about providing a great experience for all of us. His business is in a good location. Boards, bikes, ATV style vehicles. He has it all. We will deff visit Cacho’s upon our next visit to CR. Thank you Andre, what an experience of a lifetime.
Southern California

“Thanks FRANK and everyone at Cachos”

To start – I was terrified of surfing – Never thought in a million years I could stand up on the board. Frank spend 30 minutesquot; with me explaining the current as well as how and where to stand on the board (on land.) Then we went out and I was fully prepared to make a complete butt of myself and fall so I went into it expecting that (thereby lowering the bar and preventing any sort of bad feelings) … Oh and you get a shirt to wear so don’t worry if you have a gut like me.

So, we go out on the surf (gentle waves) and after 3 minor wipeouts I was surfing . It’s probably the quickest training I have ever had to do something that I thought was so complicated. So, very professional and if they can get my white uncoordinated butt to stand up on a board then you are probably able to as well.
Calgary, Canada



Since 2011 BarriGuiones (a local division Costas Verdes) has planted more than 4000 trees of 25 native species near the beaches within the National Wildlife Refuge community of Nosara Nicoya, Guanacaste. Volunteers from around the world and several local schools have been a key part of the reforestation of Playa Guiones.

Volunteers, local schools and local businesses have joined forces to help BarriGuiones plant and care for the indigenous plant species planted near and on Playa Guiones.

Cacho’s Surf School fully supports the efforts of BarriGuines. Click here to find out how you can help or get more information.